Mar 2, 2017

Lovelyz on Cultwo Show

[+982 + 25] It's a win:win for Ah-Choo couple and Lovelyz..ㅋThe song was a big part of Ah-Choo couple. Of course, it was good for Lovelyz too..ㅋ

[+720 | -19] Among the elders, perhaps as a drama OST.. lots of people thought of the Ah-Choo couple's theme songㅋ It was a song that really suited Ah-Choo couple's lovely atmosphere well..ㅋ

[+503 | -17] I like Ah-Choo so much♡♡

[+430 | -18] I thought it was a drama OST

[+403 | -16] I think it suited the bright atmosphere of Ah-Choo couple. I hope this album, WoW!, will do well too!

[+83 | -3] The chemistry of Ah-Choo couple was so good. Ah-Choo was good too

[+81 | -0] Ah-Choo~

[+69 | -2] My parents also know the song ㅎㅎ

[+74 | -7] Euachu!!

[+67 | -5] Let's be successful, Godvelyz❤

On the March 2nd broadcast of SBS PowerFM '2 PM Cultwo Show', a testimony on Lovelyz was shared. A listener said, "I've met them in front of a restroom and they were the ones who first asked me to take a picture together, and we took it."

The members then said, "We remember. We're so thankful to people who recognize us so we ask them to take a picture first (before they do)."

Then a listener introduced herself, "I'm a stylist from C Magazine," and said, "We did a photoshoot and that was the first time that I met such bright and kind idols." Lovelyz replied, "Thank you. We miss you."

[+62 | -1] As expected, their image match their kind personality

[+61 | -1] Lovelyz's kind hearts are here pop there pop! pop pop pop pop!

[+58 | -1] These days, when idols get into controversies about their personalities, agencies try to really filter (their trainees) for a lot of good kids. Lovelyz are one of those good-natured teams ~

[+56 | -1] Lovelyz, I like your new song so much. I'll always be supporting you

[+55 | -1] Lovelyz are bright and kind~~!!Let's exceed Ah-Choo with this album!!


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