Apr 25, 2019

[INTERVIEW] haru*hana - February 2019

the descent of 8 goddesses ♡

Lovelyz, who became a hot topic for their "goddess"-like beauty during the promotion for their 5th mini album 「Sanctuary」.

It's called "Goddess Concept". How do you feel having tried it?

Yein: Everyone has an energetic/tough personality, but our outfits, hair and makeup were done pretty like goddesses, so it was fun and we were happy.

Babysoul: I've never become a goddess all my life. (Laughs) It was fun living as a goddess for a moment.

Sujeong: The MV was filmed at a place that looked like a shrine, so it really felt like I became a goddess. (Laughs)

Is there any anecdote from your MV filming?

JIN: I used wind for my solo shot, but I couldn't open my eyes so it was hard. (Laughs)

Sujeong: I was the last to film my solo shot, it was getting late so we were in a rush to film it. (Laughs) I shot the scene where I was contemplating on whether to call (the person that she likes) in one take, so we used all of them.

Babysoul: Really? You filmed it in one take?

Sujeong: I'm serious.

JIN: We shot our solo shots after filming the group dance, so it physically helped.

Jisoo: We filmed it after dancing, so I was glad that [my face] didn't swell after that.

Your title track 'Lost N Found' has the message of finding out how you feel about your crush/unrequited love, but what is the point to take note of?

Sujeong: There's a heart-fluttering, happy emotions of unrequited love, but there's also the sad and regretful feelings of [wanting to] tell that person what's in your mind. Please pay attention to that flow of emotions.

Kei: I hope you can hear the lyrics as you watch our expressions.

Mijoo: The first melody is cheerful, but we sing the chorus with a sad expression, so if you look at the transformation, I think you'll be able to enjoy it more.

The lyrics that you identify with?

Babysoul: "My poor heart doesn't reach you today". The feelings of one's heart that can't reach the other person is well expressed

Jiae: That part for me too.

Jisoo: "Your careful way of talking was something people more than friends said". I related to the heart fluttering feeling of hearing the other person's warm words, or how my heart beats at the action that seems meaningful.

Kei: "You probably should know by now, but you don't at all". If you've expressed your heart and the other person doesn't acknowledge it, it can hurt. You would think, "What should I do to get their love?".

JIN: "It must also be love / Even if it comes to a stop only by looking at it". When I was recording this, the composer told me to sing it while thinking of a girl's heart, but even though I didn't have any experience, I still was able to identify with it and even when I was singing it, my heart was in pain.

Yein: For me, it's "The words that was swallowed on the tip of my chin".

Mijoo: Same for me.

Yein: When you're in front of the person that you like, you can't say what you want to say because your heart is racing, right? That is expressed directly, so it's memorable.

Sujeong: I related to "You approached me while looking at me without meaning to / Said my name with a warm voice" very much. It expressed the naive feel of unrequited love, so I liked it.

Even the choreography where you incorporated your mics into the dance was memorable.

JIN: We wondered how we would be able to show the mic prettily, how to boost our strength. We discussed it a lot with our dance teacher.

Mijoo: The dance where we drop the mic from above and catch it below, we practiced a lot in order not to drop it. (Laughs)

Yein: We also started with making a circle and passing our mics to the member next to us, and we [have to] match our timing, so we practiced a lot until we can smoothly receive and pass [the mic].

It seems that you wish to offer an "oasis" in the song, but what is your oasis?

Sujeong: It's my bed. (Laughs)

Jiae: Family!

Jisoo: Home. I can space out there.

Mijoo: Home for me too. When I think of a space where I can comfortably relax, I think of home.

Kei: The stage where I can sing.

JIN: After getting permission for my mother, I'm thinking of raising a pet. My pet is my oasis. I've
already decided on a name! It's "Happy"!

Babysoul: My cats! They're cute, and just seeing them, my worries and concerns fly away, so they're my heart's oasis.

Yein: I relate to the words that fans jokingly said: "The best space is in front of food", so [my] sanctuary is being in front of delicious food. (Laughs)

You're entering your fifth year since your debut. Please tell us your plan for the future.

Mijoo: I want to debut in Japan and do an overseas tour too!

Babysoul: I want us to become a long-running group while promoting hard.

Kei: We've made progress as we've heard, "We want to be like Lovelyz-sunbaenim" from our juniors, so I'd like to become a senior that our juniors respect.

JIN: I want everyone to promote healthily, close like now, and forever like friends!

Questions for everyone

Q1. In relation to 'Lost N Found', what is your own charm that you wish to be found with this promotion?
Q2. You had a "Treasure hunt" event on SNS for fans. What is everyone's treasure?
Q3. From a song in this album, 'Rain'... If you could say a memory you have on a rainy day?
Q4. From a song in this album, 'Daydream'... What is a dream that you had recently [or] something that you always dream of?
Q5. Your dresses for this album are impressive, but what fashion style do you like normally?

My family and 3 cats are my treasures, them coming to rub their bodies against me is cute.♡
A1. My dimples. I think my dimples are the point of Lovelyz's charms. (Laughs)
A2. My family and 3 cats. They give me the most strength and also the reason that I live. I can only meet them once or twice a year, and my cats are afraid of strangers, but they would quietly approach me and when they rub their bodies against me, they're very cute. (Laughs)
A3. I like it when it's raining, so in middle school, I would go home with no umbrella with my friends. The rain that flowed from the roof was like a waterfall of massage, so I'd put my head under it on purpose. (Laughs)
A4. Recently, I dreamed that I was awfully scolded by my dance teacher at the camp where all our company's staff and artists went to. (Laughs) I think it's because I care about a lot of things just before a comeback.
A5. A style that has the vintage and girly vibe. I like a jacket on top of a long one-piece, or boyish style.

A memory that happened on a rainy day is when I made and ate buchimgae (T/N: Korean savory pancake) with the members
A1. Tsunderella. I'm awkward with aegyo and I don't know whether I have a little bit of a cold aura, but I always think that.
A2. I like film cameras. However, I can't take a selfie with it, so I like to ask someone to take a picture of me. (Laughs)
A3. When I made and ate buchimgae with the members on a rainy day. I like cooking, so I have made tortilla pizza when we debuted, and the members enjoyed it.
A4. I guess it's because my health dropped recently due to cold symptoms, so I keep having nightmares. (Laughs) I dreamed that I fell on the way back to my bed after turning off the lights and when I opened my eyes, I was on my bed, and it happened several times.
A5. Usually, I like a rough yet trendy style. T-shirt on boy fit pants, hats, long coat on skinny jeans, etc. I like street style.

I dreamed that I saw Seolhyun-sunbaenim whom I'm a fan of!
A1. My change of expressions. At first it's cheerful, but suddenly it changes to gloomy and heartbroken. I hope to show that gap of charms.
A2. My phone. It spends the longest time with me, so even when I sleep, it's next to me, and when I open my eyes, it's the first thing that I check.
A3. One rainy day, I was very sad, so I didn't even use an umbrella and walked while listening to sad songs and I cried. I've come back [home] while crying. But I became refreshed after taking a shower at home. (Laughs)
A4. I tend to not dream much, but in the past, I dreamed that I met Seolhyun-sunbaenim, whom I'm a fan of. In the dream, I told her, "I'm jealous that you're so pretty!" and she smiled at me. I really felt, "She's beautiful even in a dream!" so strongly.
A5. I like rough style, so I often wear training clothes. But to dress a bit prettily, these days I care about one point color or something that kind of overlaps. (Laughs)

In the past, rain poured when I left the house.
A1. My eyes. I put glitter powder under my eyes, so they sparkle! With glitters, my confidence fires up!
A2. It's my family. It's an existence that I think about the most. I can't meet them a lot, so when I think of my family, I get sad and want to meet them.... I ended up thinking that they become more precious because we're apart.
A3. When I was a student, my family didn't trust me, so I thought, "There's nobody on my side." I ran away from home, but it was raining that day. However, I realized that I was wrong and I thought that I would have a hard time if I left home, so I immediately went back in. (Laughs)
A4. I dreamed of flying in the sky, of hitting someone after a fight between residents broke out at the apartment where I used to live and opening up a hole, of a ghost, of a dinosaur appearing during my family trip. I only dreamed weird dreams. (Laughs)
A5. Usually, I like training clothes, rough style. When I have to doll up, I wear girly knit or coat, jacket, heels. The gap is big.

Even on a normal setting, I like princess-like clothes
A1. My cheek fat. At first I thought of it was my complex, but fans told me that it was really cute, so I also told [myself] to love my cheek fat.
A2. The home where my family is. When I go back home, my parents are there to welcome me happily and even the puppy that my sister is raising is there, and everyone gathers so it's noisy and fun. I miss it because I can't go home often, so it's my treasure.
A3. Did it suddenly rain in the afternoon? When I was a student, my mother would be waiting at the school gate on those days. I was really happy about that so I remember holding my mother's hand and going home.
A4. I'm dieting, so I can't eat jokbal, which I love. I went to "Jokbal Land" in my dream. (Laughs) I ate jokbal on the huge jokbal hill like Hansel and Gretel's sweets house. (Laughs)
A5. I like feminine and lovely style. I like princess-like style with frills, lace, chiffon, pink, and there were many outfits that fit my taste this [promo] time so I was really happy!

I received praises from my family for my drawing. (Laughs)
A1. Emotion. I've liked ballad since I was little, so I listen and sing to it a lot.
A2. My family. I took a picture of the drawing I drew just now and sent it to my family's group chat. I'm not good at drawing, but my mother and sister praised me, saying, "You drew it so well!" so I'm really happy. (Laughs)
A3. When I was a trainee, I played with Soul-unnie in the rain. Skipping around the neighborhood of the company was really fun.
A4. I went to the dentist recently and when I was asleep in the car, the dentist in my dream said, "Please open your mouth," so I opened wide and at that moment, I woke up. I was so embarrassed that I burst out laughing by myself.
A5. Rough style. I like simple style like a t-shirt and skinny jeans, so the outfits this time feel like a child pretending to be an adult, but it was fun because I looked pretty.

When I was in elementary school, I was touched by seeing the pouring rain that seemed like a flower bed.
A1. Lovely singing. I think that I have other things, but this time, I received new parts, so I worked hard on that.
A2. Lovelinus that I see on stage. Everyone's support always becomes my strength. Especially when they carry our lightstick and scream out our fanchants; I really gain strength!
A3. When I was in elementary school, raindrops fell to the ground when I was on my way to the academy, and it was a day where it was pouring hard that I even bounced around and thought, "It's like a flower garden! Pretty~" (Laughs) I still remember that moment until now.
A4. I usually don't dream much, but I often dreamed these days. A dream with missiles flying around or guns firing. (Laughs) It was the first time that I dreamed that kind of dream in my life.
A5. Usually, rouge or boxy style. I like training clothes, jacket, boxy style. I want to try a hip hop fashion someday.

My charm is my eyes that disappear when I smile. (Laughs)
A1. My eyes when I smile and my body line when I dance. I have monolids so my eyes disappear when I smile. (Laughs)
A2. It's not every day, but I kept writing in a diary. I write my honest emotions or even my schedules. When I look at it, I think that I've done a lot of things and I feel proud.
A3. There are novels [with a scene] of looking at the scenery of rain at home or in a cafe. It's something trivial, but before I debuted, I remember looking out the house window at the pouring rain. Ah, it's raining even today. (Laughs)
A4. I've been having nightmares recently, I would fly and open my eyes. I have nightmares often when I'm tired, so I'm afraid to go to sleep, but I'm too tired, so I immediately fall asleep. (Laughs)
A5. I usually like rough style, so I wear a shirt or a hoodie on top of my jeans. When I want to dress up, I wear a skirt and a knitted sweater or a coat. (Laughs) I like simple styles.

Flower shop member Question!
In relation to their song 'Floral', each member tried answering a quiz to see whether their personality matches the meaning behind their birth flowers.
※We asked the members the questions only by mentioning the flowers and the meaning.

Q1. Someone who's innocent and energetic?
The birth flower of February 11th
Freesia (Meaning: Innocence, purity, dear affection)
African daisy (Meaning: Health)

Mijoo: Me! It's obvious that it's me?

Jisoo: Sujeong?

Babysoul: Jisoo!

Jisoo: I'm not pure~! (Laughs)

Mijoo: Because I'm purer! (Laughs)

Kei: I think it's Sujeong.

Jisoo: Yeah, Sujeong.

Yein: No, it's Jisoo-unnie.

Sujeong: Jisoo-unnie for me too.

- The answer is Jisoo.

Sujeong: Jisoo-unnie is literally pure and she's full of energy.

Kei: She's the most energetic among the members.

Sujeong: She's naive during dance practice. (Laughs)

Jisoo: I certainly forget myself a little during dance practice and I become like a child. (Laughs)

Q2. Someone who's independent and girly?
The birth flower of September 23rd.
Red spider lily (Meaning: Sad memory, resignation, independence, passion)
Saga Chrysanthemum (Meaning: Girly)

Mijoo: This is me! So me! Me! Me! (Laughs)

JIN & Jisoo: Soul-unnie.

Babysoul: Mijoo!

Jiae: Soul-unnie, no, Kei!

Mijoo: Soul-unnie.

Jisoo: Kei.

Kei: Jiae-unnie.

- The answer is Mijoo.

Babysoul: When Mijoo is at the dorm, she never comes out of her room and she's always by herself. (Laughs) She's bouncy and cool, but unexpectedly, she has a girly side to her.

Mijoo: That's right. I have a lot of charms that are yet to be shown!

Q3. Someone who's passionate and has a delicate beauty?
The birth flower of July 6th.
Sunflower (Meaning: Passion, shine, love, only looking at you)
Hibiscus (Meaning: Delicate beauty)

Babysoul: It's me! (Laughs)

Jisoo: Sujeong.

Jiae & Sujeong: Soul-unnie.

Mijoo & Yein: Kei!

Kei & JIN: Yein.

- The answer is Babysoul.

Babysoul: I actually know the language of flowers. (Laughs)

Sujeong: Soul-unnie taught me, so I got it right. (Laughs)

Jiae: Soul-unnie is full of passion. She the "Passion Girl". (Laughs)

Mijoo: She's the style to take action first.

Babysoul: If I think that I shouldn't do what I want to do, I face it passionately without much thinking.

Mijoo: Very much like that! (Laughs)

Q4. A person who's calm and easy to adapt?
The birth flower of June 4th.
Esculenta day lily/Hemerocallis esculenta (Meaning: New every day, a calm person)
Ice plant (Meaning: Easy to adapt)

Mijoo: Kei.

Babysoul: Yein.

JIN: (To Babysoul) Do you perhaps know all the meanings of flowers?

Mijoo, Yein, Jiae & Sujeong: (Suddenly follow Babysoul's choice) Yein! Yein! (Laughs)

- The answer is Yein.

Mijoo: (To Babysoul) Did you learn about it? (Laughs)

Babysoul: Yein makes people comfortable and she's good at adapting.

Jiae: Your mind is at ease when you're with her.

Yein: I'm the youngest, so of course I share my opinion, but it's easy for me to adjust.

Jiae: Are you saying that you're easy to adapt because you're the youngest!? (Laughs)

Q5. Someone who's considerate and secretly loves?
The birth flower of March 20th.
Tulip (Meaning: Considerate)
Acacia (Meaning: Secret love)

All: Kei, Kei, Kei, Kei!

Yein: Is that a song? KeiKeiKeiKei. (Laughs)

- The answer is Kei.

Kei: Really!?

Babysoul: Kei is really considerate and she fits well with everyone. She treats everyone the same.

All: That's right!

Mijoo: That's why I'm really happy to be roommates with her.

Kei: I'll do it more often from now on. (Laughs)

All: (Claps)

Mijoo: Is it possible to do it more often than now? (Laughs) Everyone, clap!

Q6. Someone who's secretly weird and looks for superstitions?
The birth flower of November 19th.
Giant St. John's Wort (Meaning: Secret, hostility, superstition)
Peristrophe (Meaning: Weird)

Babysoul & Mijoo: Sujeong!

Kei, Jiae, Sujeong, Yein & Jisoo: Myungeun!

Sujeong: Do I believe in superstitions?

Mijoo: You do! (Laughs)

Babysoul: No matter what, the answer is Sujeong! Because I'm well-versed in the language of flowers.

All: (Burst out laughing)

- As she said, the answer is Sujeong.

Sujeong: I don't really believe in superstitions.

Jiae: You care about it often.

Yein: Yeah! You have jinxes!

Sujeong: I used to only step on the red blocks when I walk, but now it's troublesome to think about every single thing.

Babysoul: Sujeong is not mysterious nor weird.

Sujeong: I like to reveal anything about myself. (Laughs)

Q7. Someone who's pure and have good memory?
The birth flower of May 21st.
Baby's breath (Meaning: Pure heart, kind, naive, happy)
Snowflake (Memory)

All: Jiae!

Kei: Her memory is really good.

Jiae: Is it really me? (Laughs)

- The answer is Jiae.

Jiae: But baby's breath also means "kind", right? Manager-nim has said that I'm polite. (Laughs)

Babysoul: She's certainly polite, but not kind. (Laughs)

Yein: But her memory is really good. But it's a problem because sometimes she has skewed memories. (Laughs)

Mijoo: She often has wrong memories.

Babysoul: There are times where she insists that it's [the] right [memory]. (Laughs)

Sujeong: Like dancing. (Laughs)

Jiae: However, I am kind!

Yein: Anyway, Jiae-unnie is kind and polite. (Laughs)

Q8. Someone who's humble and has the ultimate beauty?
The birth flower of June 12th.
Lilac (Meaning: Humble, simple, proud, beautiful)
Beloperone (Meaning: Ultimate beauty)

JIN: Me. I think I was a mountain god in my previous life. (Laughs)

Jisoo: See, she believes in superstitions. (Laughs) That's why we said Myungeun when you asked about someone who believes in superstitions.

Jiae: But she's Christian. (Laughs)

- The answer is JIN.

Yein: She's humble. (Laughs)

Babysoul: When the other members are being smug, Myungeun would point it out and get our mind together. (Laughs)

Mijoo: She sorted it out.

Yein: The scene in the MV where the wind was blowing on her face is really pretty.

Kei: She really looked like a goddess!


Apr 23, 2019

Do You Prefer Jiae with Her Bangs or Without?

It seems like Lovelyz's Jiae
tried to make a small change in her styling for a short timeㅇㅇ

Jiae with bangs


Jiae without bangs ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

I like her without bangs the mostㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Her features become fresher and her eyes look bigger

Jiae with a hat
Half bangs

Jiae really suits beret hat

She looks sparkling ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠCuteㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

This is a fantaken picture that can let you know how big Jiae's eyes are
They're huge

[Pann] Jiae who tried to lightly change her style

[+15 | -0] Seriously, honestly, change her makeup. Her pretty and cute face feels like an aunty with thick eyeliner (dark, black, countrified). Jiae is not even ugly. It's regrettable

[+14 | -0] She suits no bangs wa~~~y better. It feels like her beauty is alive

[+12 | -0] Jiae is pretty but her contact lenses are too big. Her makeup is too thick and it seems to ruin her pretty face,,,

[+5 | -0] She's seriously one of the members with awesome visualㅠ Her face is really tiny, her features are distinct and detailed, she's fair-skinned, pretty and cuteㅠㅠ

[+5 | -4] Her eyes are huge and her face is really small... I like Jyae with the beret hat and Jyae with no bangs the mostㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Jiae when she had bangs

When she has bangs, she looks more baby-faced

Crazy side profileㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

This is Jiae with her bangs down

She went bangs-less after a very long time ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Doesn't she look like her YAMO days?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I feel like my eyes go wider because she doesn't have bangsㅋㅋㅋ

[+35 | -48] For me, out of all the female idols, she's the most incompetent one. I thought, "Was she a trainee for 6 years?" but her singing skill is still..Seriously, it's to the point where I want to ask her why she wanted to become a singer, and because of her parts, [their] songs are all ruined... Even if she doesn't have any part, she would've been average... She sings with her strange voice and fans shield it by saying that her company made her do it, but even that is just an argument by fans;; She's not a variety expert, she doesn't rap, doesn't really sing, so does she dance? Even in Lovelyz, if it's about dancing, Jeong Yein or other members are mentioned. She's never been mentioned for her dancing, and before Lovelyz rose, her dirty personality was all revealed in a reality show and Yoo Jiae... seriously, what does she do? I'm just saying, does she want to write lyrics or compose...? Just what;;;
∟ [+8 | -10] Excuse me, is your face pretty? Is it? If you're that pretty, then I don't care what you say, but if you're not, just shut up. Why are you attacking someone who doesn't do anything ㅋㅋ Sigh I hate people like this the most, for real. She's pretty and nice to see. I hope people who write this kind of malicious comments would all disappear
∟ [+23 | -1] She was originally in Woollim as an actress and leader Soul brought her in, so she became Lovelyz. She hasn't been singing with her weird voice since 'That Day' (even 'Wag-zak') and even though she's not good, she sings her own parts. I don't know if you've been looking up their recent stages. Also, it's my personal opinion, but I think a face like Yoo Jiae's really suits Lovelyz
∟ [+9 | -5] You can't shield Yoo Jiae with her solo song 'Delight'. I'm a fan since her debut so I went to [Lovelyz's] fanmeet and the live performance (of 'Delight') was different than the studio version;;I thought a different person had recorded it;;Even the vocal color wasn't Yoo Jiae's and it's just impossible for Yoo Jiae to just sing with that kind of method. Also, re-watching it on Youtube, she lipsynced
∟ [+12 | -0] It's not an argument by fans, it's a factㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Her voice wasn't originally like thatㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
∟ [+11 | -0] Are you talking about YAMO??? That's all scripted. There are still people who believe that to be realㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+32 | -0] She looks like Moomin

[+19 | -0] YAMOㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah, has it been 9 years?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ F*ck why are the captions like that to our Jyaeㅠㅠㅠ

[+19 | -1] Not joking, when she has bangs, she's 5000x prettier, so why in the world would she keep her bangs downㅡㅡ

[+13 | -0] I really thought of her 'Delight' days... Even she comes through with that hair. The photo is from 'Delight'


Apr 22, 2019

Why Is Lovelyz Named Lovelyz?

Events. ver
The lovely Lovelyz who are full of love and affection~

[theqoo] The reason why Lovelyz's team name is Lovelyz.gif (Beware of many gifs)

1. My mood has gotten much betterㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. They really like goofing around ㅋㅋㅋ

3. They're full of love

4. So cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋThey're shooting hearts

5. It suits them. They look like Lovelyzㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Their teamwork looks good ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. It's always Jiae ㅋㅋㅋ

8. It's nice to seeㅎㅎㅎㅎ

9. They're warmㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ


Why is the gaze of the girl with her hair tied up so sweetㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. Why are they like this ㅋㅋㅋ Are all the girls squishy?


This is freaking funny. Oh myㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

13. The kids are all so lovelyㅠㅠThe name was really well-made upㅠㅠ

14. I understand ㅋㅋ

15. Just looking at the gifs, I feel like I can hear them gigglingㅋㅋㅋㅋThey're such girls

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