Mar 15, 2019

[INTERVIEW] Hallyu Pia - March 2019

Since their debut, Lovelyz captivates everyone with their mysteriousness and innocence like that of  the dawn of Japanese idols'. They're eight people who constantly make a break for the innocent route on stage, but in reality, they're bubbly girls who like to talk and full of energy. During the interview, the other members interrupt one member while she's talking, creating a 'Girl Talk'. They are frank and not fake, and their vibes match. Girls who become more likable once you meet them. They're Lovelyz.

The charm of 8 people, 8 color is the ahjussi (old man) inside?

Lovelyz appeared for the first time in this magazine. Therefore, we asked them to introduce the other members, as we have always done. Then, no matter on who's turn, the words "more than I thought", "unexpectedly" came out. Whenever someone said "more than I thought", the room filled with big laughter.

Sujeong: Jiae-unnie is the owner of doll-like face. She has more knowledge than I thought.

Jiae: "More than you thought"? (Laughs)

Sujeong: Because she's good with beauty stuff and fashion, so she will say, "This one's good," and she's good at recommending stuff. That's why I said "more than I thought"... Ah, sorry, I said it again. (Laughs) Anyway, she's a smart unnie.

Babysoul: Also, unexpectedly...

Jisoo: Unexpectedly. (Laughs)

Babysoul: She does look weak on the outside, but she's surprisingly outspoken and friendly. Even fans talk to her like friends. It's winter not long ago and there was a younger fan who went to our fansign wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Usually we would say, "Come here next time wearing long sleeves so that you won't catch a cold," right? But Jiae said, "I won't give you my autograph if you come here again wearing short sleeves."

JIN: Even when she's worried, she pretends not to. In other words, she's a tsundere.

Jiae: Haha. Kei sticks to the style that she likes for sure, so I can know what she will like with just one look. Even her personalities and her hobbies are the loveliest among the members.

Mijoo: Her fashion too.

Jisoo: There's no difference between her casual clothes and stage outfits. (Laughs)

Yein: She has gone on stage in her casual clothes. No one noticed that it was her casual clothes.

Kei: That's right. I like clothes with flutter-y, soft material and lace.

Babysoul: Even Kei's gesture and hand movement are feminine.

Jiae: Even when she's eating pig trotters, (she puts her thumb and index finger together while the other fingers are extended) she eats it this way.

Kei: Hoho. Even when I'm holding a mic, my pinky is extended.

Yein: It's pretty.

Kei: Yein is the youngest, but she's surprisingly mature and sexy. She learned modern dance so the line of her body when she dances looks pretty too. When Yein dances, the stage suddenly becomes glamorous.

Sujeong: There's a lot of instances where she teaches us choreography.

Jiae: In a very Spartan way (very tough way).

Yein: Because I told them, "Unnie, that one is this one." "Unnie, that was wrong." (Laughs) Before I know it, I'm already going to another unnie.

Jiae: Because she's scary. (Laughs) She's precise and she even points out the part I didn't ask about. (Everyone laughs out loud)

The members who said that the naive Kei has other loveliness in unison are Sujeong and JIN.

Yein: Sujeong-unnie used to have round cheeks, so she was called 'Bbangddeok' (sticky rice cake). She's gotten slimmer now, so her face has gotten smaller.

JIN: She's no longer a bbangddeok.

Yein: That's right. Her V-line has appeared, so let's call her 'Ariana V-Grande' now. (Sujeong has been called 'Ariana Dong-grande' by fans when she covered an Ariana Grande song in the past)

JIN: Her smile is gentle, she has an S-line figure and she's beautiful, so how about calling her 'Aphrodite'?

Yein: Ryuphrodite?

Mijoo: Sujeongie also likes collecting cute stuff, right?

Sujeong: I decorated my room with figures or dolls. These days, I like a bunny doll called 'Esther Loves You'.

JIN: Fans wouldn't know this, actually.

Mijoo: Myungeunie is delicate. She doesn't seem that way, but. (Laughs)

JIN: What is it~ (Laughs)

Mijoo: It's because when I see her talking on the phone with her grandmother alone, she says, "My heart hurts."

Myungeun: I don't even know why. I think I somehow became sentimental. I think it's sometimes because I think of my grandmother or because I grew up with her.

Babysoul: She's full of emotions. That part of her is lovely.

On the contrary, they do the cool leader Babysoul and Jisoo. We heard that the members are having difficulties with Babysoul's philosophical questions these days...

JIN: Soul-unnie suddenly asks us weird questions from time to time. Some time ago she asked, "Do you think you can pioneer your own life?" all of a sudden. I was surprised.

Mijoo: She also asked me not long ago, "What are you thinking now?" so I thought, "Um? At this time?"

Sujeong: She asked, "What kind of house do you want to live in in the future?" in a way that she asks, "Are you happy now?", she usually asks things that I don't even think about, so I have a hard time answering her.

Babysoul: I'm curious of what everyone is thinking. Isn't it fun? When you receive these kind of questions.

Yein: This part [of Soul] is lovely in our eyes.

Babysoul: Jisoo is brave and straightforward. However, she has gone overboard sometimes.

Jisoo: I acknowledge that. A tiny person lives inside me, and that person is an ahjussi. That ahjussi jumps out sometimes. Haha.

Mijoo: She normally wears training clothes too.

Sujeong: But they're not the typical training clothes that you'd think of. They're cool training clothes made with velvet material or violet.

Kei: She likes action movies and heroes. Is that because she's an ahjussi?

Jisoo: I've always really liked action movies. I also like grotesque movies that would normally make girls go "Ack!".

Mijoo: Finally, it's my turn. (She mimics writing '' on her palm and inhaling...)

(Kei, who is an MC on Korean music program 'Music Bank' said, "I'm nervous because it's a live broadcast," so we informed her of a charm method: Write '' ("person" in Chinese characters) three times on your palm, then inhale. Kei said that she will do that from now on. Sujeong and Yein, who were next to her, also practiced writing '' a few times and then inhaling. Everyone was cute.)

Jisoo: Mijoo expresses every emotions exaggeratedly. When she laughs, when she's angry, when she cries. Her voice is loud, so we can know, "Ah, there's Mijoo there," from afar. But she's also sensitive, surprisingly.

Mijoo: (In a haughty way of talking) There's a 'sensitive, tiny person' living inside me.

Kei: She seems like she's full of energy, but she's a very caring unnie. Her aegyo is also a perfect score. Her voice when she talks to her mom on the phone is especially really sweet. "Mooom~~ Mijoo did thish today." "I've alsho eaten."

(Mijoo hides her face in the desk out of embarrassment)

Sujeong: She's also very affectionate.

Mijoo: (As if she can't resist any longer) What time is it now?

Kei: Time to shine a light on Mijoo~ (Sweetly)

This song is a whole different level of unrequited love compared to their previous songs.

If we're talking about Lovelyz, they have many songs that deal with crushes that they're even called 'unrequited love'. The title track of their latest album 'Lost N Found' is also one of their unrequited love songs.

Babysoul: The star of this song has more courage than the girl who appeared in our previous songs, and she's also a just a little stronger. When I sang the song for the first time, I sang it with the soft method that I've always used to sing in, but our composer demanded me to sing it stronger, so I re-did it a few times.

Jisoo: The choreo during the chorus where we drop our mics above our heads is the point. While practicing, we would drop [the mics] to the ground or they would brush against our arms and we got bruises, so it was hard. I like that our team has our own characteristics.

If your friend has an unrequited love, what would you say to them?

Sujeong: For me, I'm not good at confessing my heart to anyone so since I was little, I've only had crushes. It was to the point that I couldn't even say it to my friend, so of course there was no way my crush knew. I'd like to say to them, "If you don't want to regret like I do, have courage and just confess."

Jiae: You don't know if it's good to confess or give up without knowing your crush's heart.

Babysoul: Isn't it a waste of your time of crushing [on someone]?

Kei: If you don't have the courage when you look at their face, isn't it good to leave a love letter secretly in their desk?

Yein: (While shaking her finger) Unnies. That doesn't work. You have to push and pull. You need to get them to confess to you. Of course, the way to lure them is different depending on the type of person.

(Everyone: "Oh~~")

Sujeong: You're a love doctor.

Kei: I'll have to ask for love advice from Yein from now on. Jisoo-unnie, what do you think?

Jisoo: For me, I believe that a guy who slips away once will not come back. So I will tell [my friend] to quickly confess so they won't get away even for a second. Anyway, we'll see. Go!

JIN: Ah. The ahjussi has come out again. Go back in! I said go back in!

(Everyone laughs out loud)

* Lovelyz Profile
Debuted in 2014. Then-Infinite member Hoya appeared in the 'Ah-Choo' music video. L helped in 'For You' and became a hot topic. They received their first music show win in 2017 with 'Now, We'. Last year, they had a fanmeet in Japan, and they're actively promoting in Japan too.

< Lovelyz more Q! >
We asked them about lyrics and makeup.

1. A confession you can say right now. (Lost N Found)
2. The time and place that you remember? (Rewind)
3. I receive healing by doing this. (Daydream)
4. My 'sanctuary' is here.
5. Please tell us your makeup point.
6. Your must-have makeup item that you always carry around in your bag?
7. If you were to express your impression of Japan Lovelinus with a drawing? (Please visit this for the drawings)

- Babysoul
1. I honestly like Lovelinus. I've been hiding it because I'm shy. I confess to it.
2. Roppongi. It was the first place in Japan that I went to.
3. Music soothes my mind. When I listen to it, my mind relaxes and my mood gets better.
4. On my bed. I sleep on it, but it's also a place where I write my journal and where I can take a break.
5. I normally make my skin smooth and fair, and I also give a point to my lips with lip colors.
6. Tint. Even when I don't have any makeup on, I always apply it on my lips. The feeling comes out even with one lip product so it looks pretty.

- Jiae
1. I'm always honest.
2. A snack stand in front of my middle school. There was a really delicious dish called 'Cheese Rice' and I ate it almost every day.
3. Shopping. Clothes or cosmetics, whenever I buy something new, my mood gets better.
4. Home
5. My lower eyelashes are shorter than other members' so I bring four fake eyelashes.
6. A makeup fixer.

- Jisoo
1. I have a lot of of supplements at home but I really don't eat them.
2. Asakusa. I went to play there with Kei and it was so fun. I got 'joy' for my fortune, but... I hope I'll get 'excellent luck' next time.
3. Shopping. When I buy something, my stress is relieved. Food is also okay. From clothes, shoes, to a phone.
4. Home. It's a place where I can comfortably rest while eating my mom's cooking. I can see my puppies too.
5. I emphasize my eyes. I don't have double eyelids, so I put on eyeshadow and I make my eyes look sharper rather than bigger.
6. I always carry around a cushion that makes it comfortable for me to fix my makeup, with a lipstick in my favorite color and an eyeliner pencil. An eyelash curler too.

- Mijoo
1. Kei-ya. You sometimes snore when you sleep... I'm sorry... I hurt your feeling again. I love you...
2. Okinawa. It's because it was where Lovelyz had our first Japan schedule. It's a place filled with great unforgettable memories.
3. Lovelyz's songs. When I listen to Lovelyz's songs, I feel healed.
4. Home. I don't think there's any other place that can heal and soothe me as much as my home.
5. When I don't do my makeup, I emphasize my lips, and when I do a full makeup, I emphasize my eyes.
6. Lip product. I really like lip items, so I carry around 6-7 of them in my bag.

- Kei
1. Actually, I promised to get rid of my 'cheek fat' last year but it's still a work in progress.
2. Bluesquare at Hannam-dong. It's a place filled with the memories of Lovelyz's first concert.
3. Jokbal. It's Kei's healing food.
4. Incheon. My home.
5. I always wear my stage makeup so normally I do it naturally. I show it cutely with pink color.
6. Perfume. Kei likes flower scent.

1. Um... none.
2. Harajuku. The place where I had my first date with my older sister.
3. Fan letters. When the schedules are hard, I read fan letters and gain strength.
4. Since there's no personal space in the dorm, I automatically go to sleep when I go into my room.
5. I do shadow/contour. The combination of pink shadow and dark color is really good.
6. Lip cream. My lips gets dry a lot so I make sure to carry it.

- Sujeong
1. Fans call me having a V-line a lot now. I've always had it, so please call me according to your personal taste.
2. Daejeon. The place where I lived since I was born until before I became a trainee.
3. Lovelinus. Even when I don't feel good, my mood gets better when I see Lovelinus.
4. On top of a snug blanket.
5. I don't draw my eyeliner thick.
6. It's important to have a blusher and a lipstick.

- Yein
1. I'm always honest.
2. A public phone booth. From when I was a trainee until before I received my phone back, I went to a phone booth when I wanted to make a call, so I couldn't make a call outside. So when I see a phone booth, I recall that time.
3. The comfort from my member unnies. I can't express it much, but the unnies' heartfelt consolation becomes a huge strength for me.
4. Home. My house with my family.
5. My lips are thin, so I always apply lip product.
6. Perfume. To become a girl who smells good.



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