Mar 9, 2019

Netizens Are Hoping for This Song to Climb Back up the Charts

Lovelyz's 'Now, We'!!
It's a Lovelyz song about a reciprocated crush and they don't have that many, but the MV, the stage outfits and the lyrics are pretty❤️ Moreover, the choreography is really really pretty, so make sure to watch the ‘Now, We’ stage mix on Youtube. I'll give you proof that I'm a fan of another group if you want. I got interested in Lovelyz after listening to 'Lost n Found' so I listened to all their title songs and I liked this song in particular. I saw another recommendation post and watched the performance and the choreo is really nice so I'm recommending it!!

+) Proof that I'm a fan of another group!!!!!!!! This is really not a bait to sajaegi. There's something like that these days so I know this is suspicious but I gave you proof now, so stop saying that. I'm worried that this post, which was written with good intention, might hurt Lovelyz. I'm really scared

[Pann] +) I'm a fan of another group but let's go and get this song to climb back up the charts

[+51 | -2] Woollim, a bait to sajaegi??ㅋㅋㅋ I laughed out loud thanks to the first commentㅋㅋㅋ

[+40 | -2] The song 'Now, We' is really really nice, the kids' expressions on their knife-like dance is good too and the outfits are pretty, so watching the stage is fun. Moreover, the choreo is the bestㅠㅠㅠㅠ The gif is of the "chasing after a butterfly" dance. It's so pretty.. Its other choreos are all pretty too..

[+32 | -2] Even 'Now, We's stage outfits are all prettyㅠㅠㅠ They were the best

[+17 | -1] No, the song 'Now, We' is really freaking awesomeㅇㅇ It's really great to listen to in the spring

[+16 | -1] This song is the most Lovelyz song that only fits these girls

[+15 | -1] Lovelyz really has a lot of songs that will, no, have to climb back up the charts so I hope people will quickly try and listen to Lovelyz's songs at least once. I always felt that even though I stan the Lovelyz members earnestlyㅎㅎ I hope there will be a lot of opportunities to show Lovelyz's true talents

[+14 | -1] The song is exactly like Lovelyzㅇㅇ Their previous songs were prologues, so they were only about unrequited love and being dumped, so the lyrics about being confused of whether their reciprocated love is real or just a dream is adorableㅠ It's best if you listen to 'Hi~', 'Ah-Choo', 'Now, We' during spring and summer and Lovelyz's ballads in the fall and winter

[+12 | -1] Seriously, for me, when I first saw the MV, I've never felt as epic as this... When I appreciate the lyrics according to their best title tracks order after that, as I keep listening to them, this song makes my feels seeming like it's ready to burst

[+12 | -1] No, but, if you want to take down a sajaegi song and help rise a really good song, don't listen to an already popular song and you have to listen to the good song and make it rise. Please try and listen to this once. It really feels like spring when you listen to it

[+11 | -1] Whoa, Lovelyz's 'Now, We' and 'That Day' are really good. The choreos are pretty too

Now, We

It's like I'm being placed into the feeling of being successful after 3 years of unrequited love
Try and listen to itㅠㅠㅠ

[+16 | -0] I'm a fan since their debut but I've never cheered as loud as when 'Now, We' was released. The color scheme of the MV is good and there's nothing missing about the outfits and choreography ㅠㅠ

[+15 | -0] This song is freaking good ㅋㅋㅋ I'm a Lovelinus but I'll have to watch the MV again after a while. The colors of the MV are really nice and the song itself is really good too.. The set up of Lovelyz whose love is reciprocated after just crushing so far is so good...

[+11 | -0] I really liked this song. This and 'For You' are my top 2 songs and it's unfortunate that people don't know these songs...

[+8 | -0] For me, this is the God of Lovelyz songs. This is really so good

[+8 | -0] This song is freaking good. It's not addictive, but I just ended up replaying it continuously. It's a song from 2 years ago but I sometimes still look it up to listen to it

[+7 | -0] I like that the last lyrics whimsically changed..You say that you like me>>You say that you love me/ I guess we will be lovers>>I guess we 'are' lovers


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