Dec 22, 2018

Lovelyz Performs the Nation's Carol 'Twinkle' on Music Bank + 'Lost N Found'

[Naver TV] [Music Bank] Twinkle - Lovelyz

[+2,038 | -106] Let's climb up the chart!!
∟ [+220 | -16] I'd be really happy if it climbed up the music chart, but.. even if it didn't, Lovelyz has a lot of good songs, so I hope the public will know them... Especially, all the songs in 'Twinkle's album "Fall In Lovelyz" are all masterpieces :)
∟ [+170 | -17] I hope the public will listen to it more

[+1,515 | -86] If it's winter, it's Lovelyz's 'Twinkle'!
∟ [+79 | -13] The song is so good
∟ [+74 | -13] They were Beautylyz, Livelyz, Stagelyz, Lovelyz is the best!!!!!!!

[+1,457 | -85] The four seasons of Lovelyz (Spring:Hi~ Summer:Wag-zak Fall:Ah-Choo Winter:Twinkle)❤❤❤❤
∟ [+123 | -13] Please listen to That Day, Hi~,Destiny too a lot. They're good songs too ㅎㅎ
∟ [+93 | -11] Fall : GNLY All seasons : Ah-Choo!

[+1,202 | -66] And just like that, another legendary stage has been added❤❤❤
∟ [+74 | -8] Honestly, there's no Lovelyz stage that is not legendary

[+1,027 | -65] As expected, Lovelyz in Winterland #Lovelyz #Twinkle I hope this winter song will echo all around❤️❤️❤️
∟ [+7 | -0] Kei and Ryu Sujeong's vocal colors are awesome....

[+998 | -70] Korea's carol, Lovelyz's 'Twinkle'❤❤❤❤

[+946 | -63] LovelyzㅠㅠㅠㅠThey suit the red and white clothes. 'Twinkle' is so good !!!! Let's climb back up the chart!!!

[+842 | -60] I love you, Lovelyz

[+829 | -61] 'Twinkle' is Yoo Jiae❤️

[+801 | -54] The Goddesses Lovelyz are wonderful today as well. Let's go on for a long time

[+701 | -49] The song is good. Lovelyz, please give us more good songs next year too~

[+695 | -53] Let's climb up the chart!!! It really suits Christmas... Their live singing was so good

[+684 | -54] The re-climb up the chart stage of 'Twinkle' is the best!!!♥♥♥♥♥

[+671 | -48] Finally, Lovelyz's video has been uploaded ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Let's climb back up the chart. They're so pretty today. I love you~

[+657 | -48] Ah, they're so pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[+169 | -6] We got to see 'Twinkle' last year and this year tooㅠㅠIt fits winter so well

[+86 | -4] 'Twinkle' is a song that I listen to every day. So they did a stage at Mubank

[+71 | -4] Christmas is definitely for Lovelyz's 'Twinkle'! Let me hear 'Twinkle' in my ear every winter~

[+58 | -2] None other than the season song!!!! Have a warm year-end with 'Twinkle' this winter^^

[+56 | -4] Its winter vibe is the bestㅎ

[+16 | -2] I usually don't watch things like music shows. It was the year-end special so I thought it could place me in a year-end mood so I happened to watch this while channel surfing and it's so pretty. The song is called 'Jingle Bell'? (T/N: Jongsori is the Korean title of 'Jingle Bell') so I thought it was the 'Jingle Bell' that I heard when I was young... I think it's a song that fits winter so much! I've only ever heard the name "Lovelyz" and this is the first time that I've seen their performance. They're really pretty and the song is so good.

[+10 | -2] I'm happier that I could watch this after a long time.ㅎㅎ It was a stage that felt like Christmas.

[+9 | -3] This is such a winter song

[+8 | -1] They charted in the Naver TV Top 100 at #1 at once!! Lovelyz is the best!!

[+8 | -2] It was the best performance. They were so pretty today

[Herald Pop, via Naver Entertainment] 'Music Bank' Lovelyz, exploding with pure charms...Climbing up the chart 'Twinkle' + 'Lost N Found'

[+79 | -1] Merry Christmas, Lovedungies❤❤❤

[+53 | -1] Lovelyz................. Let's go on forever.........................

[+38 | -0] The song really suits winter, though?

[+37 | -0] They're so, so pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[+31 | -0] Lovelyz is really, really love ❤️

[Naver TV] [Music Bank] Lost N Found - Lovelyz

[+491 | -27] Lovelyz's 'Twinkle' and 'Lost N Found'. They're goddesses today too. Let's go on for a long time

[+392 | -20] I liked that I could see 'Twinkle' followed by 'Lost N Found'. Lovelyz are so pretty❤❤

[+382 | -22] Thank you for showing us a good stage today as well!

[+350 | -21] Princess Kei with a tiara is dazzlingly pretty♡♡

[+310 | -18] Lovelyz's 'Twinkle' and 'Lost N Found'^^

[+294 | -18] Lee Soojung, Yoo Jiae, Seo Jisoo, Lee Mijoo, Kim Jiyeon, Park Myungeun, Ryu Sujeong, Jeong Yein, Twinkle, Lost N Found ! Let's go climb back up the chart ♡

[+280 | -18] As expected, 'Lost N Found' is so goodㅠㅠ The stage today is pretty too!! Good job for this year, and fighting for 2019!! I love you, Lovelyz♥♥

[+275 | -17] The White Goddesses. You are more beautiful than anyone else, and I'm prouder than anyone else. Lovelyz is the best!!

[+269 | -16] Lovelyz, great job in 2018❤❤❤

[+261 | -16] Lovelyz are glowing today as well. 'Lost N Found' is so good~!

[+234 | -17] I enjoyed the goddesses stage that I could see at the end of this yearㅠㅠLovelyz forever~

[+228 | -16] Seems like the white outfits are popular?>_<They're pretty ㅋ

[+223 | -17] Lovelyz is the best❤️❤️❤️

[+215 | -19] The Goddess Queen Jisoo on stage♡♡

Dec 20, 2018

Confusion: Fans Are Delighted but Nobody Knows Exactly Why 'Twinkle' Is Rising

[+254 | -4] 'Twinkle' is good. I hope many people will know this song

[+135 | -1] It's a song that fits winter, and it softly exudes Christmas vibes ㅎㅎ

[+108 | -1] It's like a carol, so it's nice to listen to in the winter.

[+94 | -1] Listening to Lovelyz's 'Twinkle' in the winter, it's exciting and makes me happy.ㅎㅎ I ended up looking it up and listening to it

[+75 | -0] Please listen to it lots

[+21 | -0] It's exactly a winter song

[+20 | -0] Journalist-nim, thank you for writing this article. You're the best

[+19 | -0] This song is like a bright carol. It's so fun. The choreography is also energetic and pretty, so I enjoy watching the video

[+16 | -0] Seriously, Lovelyz's 'Twinkle' has to unconditionally climb up the chart

[+210 | -11] I support Lovelyz. Lovelyz & Lovelinus, let's have strength!!

[+143 | -4] Heol, but what made it rise? I'm curious. The song is freaking good
∟ [+16 | -0] I think it's because it has the carol vibes. Anyway, I support Seo Jisoo♡
∟ [+16 | -1] I think it rose because people were searching for a carol that fits Christmas and liked this. Another myth is written like this..A zombie carol *shivers* (means that it will rise every Christmas)
∟ [+1 | -0] It came out on a drama!

[+108 | -6] Even the fans are confused. However, it's a 12.12 situation that makes me happy. Welcome. It's your first time with Lovelyz, right?

[+79 | -3] Lovelyz are starting now!!Congratulations on climbing back up the chartㅠㅠㅠㅜ

[+58 | -2] Please have a warm winter this year while listening to the high quality seasonal winter song Lovelyz-Twinkle~!! Please go and find ('Lost N Found') Lovelyz's 'Twinkle'❤️

[+16 | -1] I'm not a fan of any idol but Lovelyz's, was it 'Now, We'? That's good too

[+14 | -1] I'm puzzled, but even so, I'm happy! 'Twinkle' is climbing up the chart! Please go and find the ranking!

[+14 | -2] Incredible ㄷㄷㄷ I like songs with winter vibes, but if it's up to this level, I think this is the top when it comes to idol winter songs

[+13 | -1] Congrats, Lovelyz!!

[+8 | -1] My best friend since middle school composed that song so I had hoped that it would do well ㅎㅎ I'll have to send him a congratulatory text. He's a friend that has worked so hard composing music and never gave up, so I hope he'll shine more.

[+143 | -1] Run, run, Lovelyz, let's climb up the chart!!!

[+93 | -0] 'Twinkle' is suddenly #2 on NaverTV ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was surprised. ㅋㅋ Let's goo climb up the chart~!! On Melon's real-time search ranking, 'Twinkle' is #1 and Lovelyz is #2

[+75 | -0] If it's winter, it's excitingly [playing] 'Twinkle'ㅎ

[+60 | -0] The song is good. I keep humming to it

[+48 | -0] I'll always support you~~

[+23 | -0] Their songs are really good. I'm not a fan, but it seems like I make sure to listen to their song every time they release something. 'Rewind' and 'Floral' are my type from their album this time!

[+20 | -0] Jjoyo jjoyo ㅎㅎ

[+18 | -0] It's like a carol and the song is good

[+18 | -0] Let's climb up the chart!! Finally, a Lovelyz song is seeing the light!

[+16 | -0] Jjwoyo jjwoyo!!

[+170 | -9] Lovelyz, cheer up! I'll always support you!

[+127 | -7] Let's go climb up the chart. It's really such a masterpiece song

[+73 | -6] Let's also go and chart into Melon

[+55 | -7] Let's goooo, let's go uuup, let's climb up the chaaart!!!!

[+43 | -4] It's hard to come out with a seasonal winter song this high quality. This winter is really cold, but everyone, have a warm winter while listening to Lovelyz's 'Twinkle'~ Lovelyz - Twinkle, fighting❤️❤️

[+75 | -1] 'Twinkle' is such a good song. Lovelyz's songs are all good, though, so I hope they'll become more popular

[+39 | -0] The song is really nice, and I like that it's become an issue again this timeㅎㅎ

[+38 | -0] ㅜㅜ I'm touched

[+33 | -0] Is it finally shining now... It was a masterpiece album, and one with no songs to skip

[+24 | -0] I think listening to 'Twinkle' in the winter has a different feeling than listening to it in other seasons ㅎ It's nice!

Nov 21, 2018

Netizens Rave over Lovelyz's Concept Photo 2

I think Mijoo is especially really the prettiest *shivers*

[Pann] Lovelyz's visuals are the best this time *shivers*

[+43 | -3] Seriously, but, Sujeong and Mijoo have the newest styles. It's my first time seeing those kinds of hairstyles in Lovelyz

[+37 | -6] Kei and Yoo Jiae are so pretty. BabSol is also at her peak

[+31 | -2] From the way they shot the teasers this time, I feel like they put so much care into these.. ㅠㅜ

[+21 | -0] I really like Yoo Jiae. No, how can a person look so pretty? She's a princess who's a mix of cute facial features and cool auraㅠㅠㅠ Neat and calm style, dreamlike and mysterious style, with a dress, a uniform, street fashion, a crop top, she has the crazy beauty that fits everything... Her eyes, nose, lips, chin, her face, her cheeks, ears, all are powerful. She's my typeㅠㅠㅠㅠ

∟ [+2 | -0] Even her nickname suits her so much.. Hwacho...ㅋㅋㅋ

∟ [+0 | -0] Ah, that's rightㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hwanan Choding (Angry Elementary Schooler)

[+12 | -1] Seriously, it looks like Jeong Yein's baby-ness has disappeared by a lot. She has a more mature aura overall

[+9 | -0] The shape of Lee Mijoo's head is really crazy; so pretty

[+8 | -0] Whoo SanctuaryㅜㅜWhen will the long version teaser be released? Whoa, I'm really excited these days

[+7 | -0] The sense of season is one thing; their visuals are overwhelming ㅋㅋㅋ
∟ [+0 | -0] There are people who asked, "A summer concept in winter?" and the more I look at it, I think it's a concept that fits winter

[+7 | -0] Whoa, pretty

[+6 | -0] I love the aura and the concept that are consistently Lovelyz-onlyㅠㅠㅠㅠ They're my type

[+6 | -0] Myungeun's teaser this time reminds me of this

[+6 | -1] Is Jeong Yein with black hair and middle parting real life? In the white [version], I thought she looked so pretty with her hair color and I was struck by her teaser;

[+6 | -1] I think they're all at their peaks this time

[+5 | -0] Pretty.. I hope they'll promote happily with fans and healthily!

[+5 | -0] Seriously, I think this concept will be really awesome. I'm looking forward to it

[+5 | -0] But this concept is unpredictable. Some of them look really dreamlike while some look really bright
∟ [+0 | -0] Even among fans, there are a lot of them who said that this had the feels of 'Hi~' and 'Destiny'. I'm really curious

[+4 | -1] Whoa, awesome

[+4 | -0] I think JIN is the prettiest this time

[MK, via Naver Entertainment] Lovelyz 'Sanctuary' 2nd teaser, upgraded visuals

[+28 | -0] Them with black outfits are so luxuriously prettyㅠㅠ

[+18 | -0] Lovelyz..who came back as goddesses..from fairies..I'm anticipating the comeback~~

[+13 | -0] They're bright and dazzling. They're so pretty♥

[+10 | -0] Really pretty!! Lovelyz, let's hit big

[+13 | -4] Can they win #1 on a public broadcast this time?

Netizens React: 'Sanctuary' Short Ver. Teaser

[TV Report, via Naver Entertainment] The unpredictable Lovelyz 'Sanctuary'

[+45 | -1] I'm looking forward to the song

[+30 | -0]I'll support Lovelyz's album this time too. Lovelyz who always show us good music and good promo♡ I look forward to more in the future.

[+25 | -0] 11.26 comeback. Let's promote healthily and happily

[+23 | -0] Looking forward to our Lovedungies!!!

[+23 | -0] I'm anticipating Lovelyz. The quality is so good

[OSEN, via Naver Entertainment] "Dreamy+mysterious charm"..Lovelyz, 'Sanctuary' MV Teaser revealed

[+30 | -0] Honestly, I'm really looking forward to this comeback

[+19 | -0] I'm anticipating this so muchㅠㅠ I hope the 26th will come quickㅠ

[+12 | -0] Lovelyz whose music I trust to listen to, Lovelyz whose [stage] I trust to watch!!! Let's hit big and force your way into overseas market!! !

[+11 | -2] Lovedungies who are coming back as goddesses..I'm satisfied~~

[+8 | -0] They really suit this kind of concept

Nov 19, 2018

Netizens React: Jiae and Kei's 'Sanctuary' Concept Photos

[MK, via Naver Entertainment] Lovelyz Kei X Yoo Jiae, concept photos revealed 'Unrivaled innocent beauty'

[+18 | -0] I'm looking forward to this~~~~Fighting

[+4 | -0] Even fairies will cry..Cute~~

[+3 | -0] The cute Jiyeonie and Jiae-noona, I really look forward to this comeback. Also, Jiyeon-ah, please always show us your cute aegyo

[+3 | -0] My Kei is pretty♡

[+3 | -0] If the Goddess of Spring heals, the Goddess of Winter is finding you a place to rest. The seasons are different, but the goddesses are only Lovelyz!! Kei and Jiae♡♡

[Xportsnews, via Naver Entertainment] "Unrivaled innocent beauty"...Lovelyz Kei X Yoo Jiae, concept photo revelation completed

[+7 | -0] With Lovedungies' ears that have been tainted with lipsync [performances] will be cleared..

[+2 | -0] Heol, Jiae-unnie is so pretty ㅠㅠ

[+2 | -0] Sanctuary

Netizens React: Babysoul and Yein's 'Sanctuary' Concept Photos

[Xportsnews, via Naver Entertainment] Lovelyz Babysoul·Jeong Yein, elegant concept photos...Comeback warm up

[+34 | -3] The very pretty Lovelyz!! I'm so anticipating your comeback

[+19 | -2] Yein is a goddess. The most beautiful in the world!!!♡♡

[+15 | -1] Lee Soojung♡Jeong Yein

[+13 | -1] I'm anticipating the November 26th comeback!

[+11 | -1] Lovelyz~^❤^~I'm looking forward to the comeback~^♡^~?!

[MK, via Naver Entertainment] Lovelyz Babysoul X Jeong Yein, concept photos revealed..."Best aura"

[+5 | -0] Aren't the oldest and the youngest in Lovelyz so pretty? ㅎ The 5th mini album 'Sanctuary', fighting!!

[+4 | -0] I'm really looking forward to Lovelyzㅠㅠ I'll support this comeback too!!

[+3 | -0] I'm really anticipating this album too ^^

[+2 | -0] Pretty

[+2 | -0] Jeong Yein is pretty

Nov 17, 2018

Netizens React: JIN and Sujeong's 'Sanctuary' Concept Photos

Ryu Sujeong, JIN

Kids, please listen [to their song] a lot on music sites on November 26th at 6 PMㅜㅜ!!

[Pann] Lovelyz's comeback teasers released just now

[+14 | -0] I love Lovelyz. Let's hit big with this comeback ㅎ

[+12 | -0] Ryu Sujeong's collarbones are so prettyㅠㅠ Her cheeks were chubby back then, so she was called 'Bbangddeok'ㅠㅠㅠ She was such a baby then, but she's all grown up these daysㅠ

[+5 | -0] Freaking prettyㅠ

[+4 | -0] I'm anticipating this song as well♡

[+4 | -0] Oh, so Lovelyz are having a comeback too!

[+2 | -0] Mijoo too! Just looking at the teaser concept, it's similar to Destiny's teasers. Honestly, I'm really anticipating the title track..ㅠㅠ It smells like a masterpiece song... I think it'll be a very mature song this time!

[+2 | -0] Jisoo's released yesterday

[+1 | -0] Ryu Sujeong is so pretty.. She's like a goddess... The vibe is kinda sad so it's even betterㅜㅜ It's mysterious and dreamy and like a fantasyㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm anticipating Lovelyz whose music I trust to listen to


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