Mar 17, 2017

[INTERVIEW] KukiNews 'A Short Meeting'

Group Lovelyz, who continuously showed their own music together with the producing team led by Yoonsang, 1Piece, has come back after 10 months with their second album 'R U Ready?'. The title song 'WoW!' is an impressive song with unique lyrics about falling in love with a 2-dimensional subject and addictive melody. Somewhere in Seoul, we recently met with Lovelyz at their comeback and asked about their goals for this promotional cycle.

Q. It's a promotion after a long time. How do you feel?

Baby Soul : “Coming to the broadcast station was awkward, but once we did the pre-recording, we got used to it. It's a promotion that we've been waiting for so much, so we're enjoying it.”

Lee Mijoo : “We got excited by ourselves, saying 'We did a pre-recording today! It's finally the first broadcast!'”

Q. The reaction to the new song 'WoW!' was good. Do you check the reactions on the internet?

JIN : “The more you listen to Yoonsang teacher's song, the better it gets. This song is really good and highly addictive. We talked about it a lot among ourselves.”

Baby Soul : “We didn't see the comments so we don't know what the reactions on the internet are like, but lots of people around us told us that 'WoW!' is addictive and nice.”

Q. The part where you cutely sing 'She's pretty' 'She's pretty' is a hot topic.

Yoo Jiae : “Doing that part on my own is so awkward so I had a lot of worries on how I should do it. But the more I do it, the more I improve. I learned a lot by watching Kei. (laughter)”

Lee Mijoo : “I wanted that part but people around me all said not to do it when they saw me. I don't think anybody knows about my cuteness. (laughter)”

Q. It seems unfortunate that Yein can't join the stage because of an injury just before the comeback.

Jeong Yein : “I couldn't participate on the stage because I got injured just before the comeback while practicing together. Because of me, the members had to change the positions in the dance. I feel sorry and I want to stand on the stage together (with them). More than anything else, my heart feels really heavy. I feel even sadder because I watch them standing on stage from the side/offstage. My condition is improving but it's in a situation where I still need to wear a cast, so I think the first week of broadcast is going to be hard together.”

Lee Mijoo : “I've been injured once so I feel more sorry for her. So I said to Yein, 'Although you're monitoring us, never be gloomy. You getting hurt wasn't your mistake, so don't mind about it.”

Jeong Yein : “After I got injured, I went home for awhile and the members all personally got in touch with me, so I was touched.”

Q. You're going to promote with several girl groups at the same time. Does Lovelyz have their own goals?

Baby Soul : “We do our (own) music. We have confidence in what we're doing.”

JIN : “We became known for the song 'Ah-Choo', but it seems like there's a lot of people who still don't know of Lovelyz. I want the members to be known one by one with this promotion.”

Q. You showed a unique image by transforming into paper dolls in the 'WoW!' music video.

Ryu Sujeong : “For the scenes where we transformed into paper dolls, we only recorded our faces. We didn't actually do anything and just moved our mouths so it was really awkward. There are cuts where we were copy-pasted onto different people, we saw the photos that were taken be edited at the shooting site. It was fun because it was a scene that we couldn't see at the shooting site.”

Q. In the music video, not only pretty expressions come out but also crazy scenes.

JIN : “We wanted to show a different side of us. We wanted to show you our goofy side.”

Q. You have a reputation for being pretty when you're pretty but definitely crazy when you're crazy, but who is the craziest?

Members : “Well, Jisoo-unnie is….”

Seo Jisoo : “I was told that when I'm really excited, I'm a little excessive in expressing it. (laughter) So these days, I intend on controlling it a bit.”

Q. If there's a growing point that you can confirm on this stage/comeback, what would it be?

Members : “As the years go by, we think we get more comfortable on stage. When we thought of some movements during our debut days, we want to do well for our stage now. In that sense, we think we did really well for our concert. This year, we really hope we can have a concert at a bigger venue.”


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