Aug 28, 2018

Is Yein Lovelyz's Center?

I'm a fan of another group and I can prove it, but I'm a person who listens to Lovelyz's songs often. Why don't they set Jeong Yein as the visual center???? She's freaking pretty this time, for real, that I searched for her press photos 

[Pann] Why don't Woollim establish Jeong Yein as a visual?

[+22 | -1] I don't know about beauty visually, but she's in the center a lot because she's a member that is perfect for Lovelyz's concept. You'll know just by looking at this song, and she's in charge of dance, her visual or physical is good, her vocal color matches Lovelyz songs, so she's in the center a lot since 'Hi~'. She's also very popular among men. Normally, if it's about Lovelyz's visual, Seo Jisoo, Lee Mijoo, Jeong Yein are picked a lot

[+21 | -1] Lovelyz has quite a lot of pretty kids

[+17 | -0] But Kei, Sujeongie and Yeinnie usually stand (in the center) a lot, though?

[+10 | -0] Jeong Yein stands a lot in the center and she's a sub-vocalist. She has more parts than the main vocalists and she also appears on Get It Beauty...

[+10 | -0] Eh, isn't the center of almost every Lovelyz song Jeong Yein?

[+8 | -0] She appears on a beauty program and she also appears on variety shows quite often... She's taller than BigSoojung, and even though she shares the center position with LittleSujeong at the start of the song on every promotion, but... it seems that it's sometimes kind of unknown... I have mixed feelings..

[+5 | -1] Whoa, the second photo is so pretty

[+4 | -0] Lovelyz also has a lot of visual members. Their company, please...

[+4 | -2] Only their CEO knows the reason...No one knows Woollim's intentions or whether they're working. Even fans are frustrated at them

[+2 | -0] Jeong Yein is honestly my bias ㅠㅠㅠㅠI'm not a Lovelinus but I'm only stanning Yeinnie hard ㅠㅠ


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