Sep 17, 2016

Jinnabit Took a Picture of Sujeong?

(Explanation on who Jinnabit is: © netizenbuzz)

[+42 | -0] No no no no no what are you talking about? A Lovelyz fan asked Jinnabit if she was interested in becoming a Lovelyz fan and Jinnabit gave the fan a Lovelyz photo that she took but she said she wasn't thinking of going to Lovelyz. Lovelyz isn't a rookie anymore because they debuted a while back. I think she moved to Suzy but I doubt it. Maybe Tiffany

[+35 | -0] No no noㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+28 | -0] Ah, really?? But they're not rookies

[+12 | -0] The reason Jinnabit doesn't change her picture is because she filed a lawsuit against the keyboard warriors; first, so people know she's Jinnabit. Rumors and accusations are spread here and there through Twitter. When the lawsuit is over, she might change her picture but we'll never know ㅋㅋ

[+9 | -0] If she really moved, it doesn't look like she has a sense for Ryu Sujeong


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