Nov 18, 2016

Angelyz Volunteering at a Dog Shelter

(more photos at the source)

[+1,381 | -48] It's nice to see them spending their 2nd anniversary meaningfully. Great job to Lovelyz and their fans who participated in the activity!

[+1,281 | -44] Going out to play on their anniversary is good but doing something meaningful with fans like that is better

[+1,107 | -41] It's a really kind 2nd year anniversary.

[+885 | -62] Their songs are nice and their personalities are also nice. I can't escape.

[+881 | -36] Congratulations to Lovelyz for their 2nd anniversaryㅠㅠ The fans said they will continue doing volunteer works! Seems like it's a meaningful 2nd anniversary!

[+746 | -29] It was a very meaningful day. Lovelyz and fans, you've worked hard ㅎㅎ

[+718 | -26] Their fans are great. There weren't talks of Lovelyz coming but many turned up..ㄷㄷ

[+592 | -31] As expected, their name is lovely and their hearts are also lovely♥

[+590 | -32] I wish I went......

[+568 | -23] It's nice to see them celebrating their anniversary with fans doing meaningful works. I hope they'll do well

[+484 | -20] It seems the relationship between singers and their fans are like mirrors of each other's. Just by looking, people will realize that it's such a natural beauty...^^ Lovelyz and Lovelinus, great job.

[+476 | -24] Congratulations again for Lovelyz's 2nd anniversary♡

[+433 | -22] Lovelyz and their fans who have lovely hearts as well as lovely looks^^ In the future, please always show us lovely image!! Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary, Lovelyz~ You've worked hard, Lovelinus~

[+375 | -23] Lovelyz, let's be successfulㅠㅠ Kind idols♡

[+369 | -20] It was really nice that they did volunteer works together. Thanks to the hardworking Lovelyz members and Lovelinus, more than anything else, the 2nd anniversary was successful. Once again, congratulations on your 2nd anniversary.

[+351 | -23] As expected of filial daughters, Lovelyz!!I wish I went too....ㅠㅠ

[+332 | -19] Good job everyone, and I hope I can participate in the regular support

[+312 | -16] It's nice to see them spending a meaningful 2nd anniversary~

[+298 | -23] Pretty..Their hearts are pretty, their faces are pretty, their voice colors are also pretty!!

[+286 | -19] Let's always and forever be together, Lovelyz♥Lovelinus


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