Nov 14, 2016

Lovelyz's 2nd Anniversary

Girl group Lovelyz celebrated their 2nd anniversary.

Lovelyz did a commemoration broadcast 'LOVELYZ 2nd ANNIVERSARY' through Naver V App on the night of the 11th. The members recalled their significant moments and promised to make more memories with their fans in the future.

Ryu Sujeong said, "Maknae Yein will become an adult in a few months," as she realized of the passing time. Instead of sitting for the college entrance exam, Yein plans to focus on promoting. The members then reenacted their ways of greeting during their early days of debuting with various modifiers like 'Juliet, Love, Jelly, Light'. They dissed and complimented each other while curling their toes.

During the 2 years that felt brief but also long, there were various episodes. They mentioned the special incidents that occurred. Baby Soul said, "I remember when I collided into Yein on our debut stage." Jin said, "When we were filming the 'For You' music video in Okinawa, it was really fun." Mijoo said, "During the 'Candy Jelly Love' promotion, Jin was sick but we had to do a live performance."

It was an eventful 2 years. Seo Jisoo said, "I joined starting from the 'Ah-Choo' promotion." As Baby Soul was counting down to the 2nd year, she said, "In the future, we will keep being together." They greeted the fans who came to watch them on the site (doing the broadcast).

When the clock struck 12 on the 12th, the members wished special wishes upon a cake with the words 'Lovelyz Forever' written on it, given by a fan. After blowing the candles, they said that, "We feel so good. Thank you for the congratulations. Finally, Lovelyz is 2 years old. For the next celebration, we hope that there will be an opportunity where we can meet (the fans) personally."

The members did a quizzing contest. With the questions taken from the memories from the past 2 years, the members' unexpected memory and desire to win appeared. The competition between Yoo Jiae and Lee Mijoo was especially the most intense. Yoo Jiae, who won, evoked laughter when she powerfully hit the toy hammer.

[+335 | -41] Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. Now waiting for the comeback

[+268 | -34] Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!!!

[+253 | -34] Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. Thank you for always being here!

[+241 | -32] Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary~We saw Mealphago again today ㅎ (T/N: Mealphago = Meal (Kei's habit of asking whether fans have eaten) + (al)phago (an AI/robot), basically means Kei, a robot of asking if fans have eaten or not)

[+226 | -31] Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. Forever Lovelyz♡

[+80 | -19] Lovelyz absolutely have to win #1 on their next comeback

[+80 | -7] A sincere congratulations to Lovelyz's 2nd anniversary and for next Saturday, ddeoki Sujeong's★ 20th birthday♥

[+71 | -7] The 2nd year that they came to together, fighting for 20 years of Lovelyz being together!!

[+70 | -6] (Because) there's you, I'm really thankful❤️

[+63 | -5] Lovelyz ㅜㅜ When is the comeback ㅜㅜ


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