Apr 20, 2017


Lovelyz were in tears.

On the April 6th episode of Mnet's 'New Yang Nam Show', girl group Lovelyz made a guest appearance.

Lovelyz's mothers made a surprise appearance at the music video for Lovelyz's new song 'WOW' and danced to their daughters' choreography. At their mothers' sudden appearance, all the Lovelyz members became a sea of tears.

At her mother's image, Jiae especially said, "I haven't contacted her in a while," as she cried, making the viewers tear up by conveying her apologetic heart.

[+1,256 | -39] It seems like I at least cry

[+921 | -32] I'm so touched ㅠㅠ It would've been hard to find the time to gather

[+636 | -42] Lovelyz, let's definitely hit daebak!!!

[+508 | -37] Lovelyz, fighting!

[+401 | -28] Oh

[+168 | -11] Seeing the parents, it seems like they take care of the company well and the relationship (between the parents) is also good

[+141 | -8] Your daughters are really pretty, mothers

[+136 | -9] I'm really going to cry..

[+126 | -7] It's incredible. It wouldn't have been easy for the parents to come out. Lovelyz, fighting

[+120 | -6] All of them look a lot like their mothers


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