Apr 26, 2017

Netizens React To: Baby Soul & JIN's Teasers

[+74 | -3] I like Lovelyz because they're cute and their songs are nice

[+69 | -3] Bursting with sensitivity ㅎ

[+67 | -3] BabDding (T/N: BabSol & Ddinggeun) look elegant. I like it, I like it. Please give off a tender sensitivity that only Lovelyz can give for this album too

[+63 | -3] I really like BabSol's short wavy, disheveled hair.. JIN somehow exudes an older sister-vibe. They became so much prettier these days.

[+62 | -3] As shown in the text, Lovelyz's repackage album 'Right Now, Us' will be on sale on May 2nd. Please show a lot of interest.

[+30 | -2] The combination of people who look even better in real life

[+27 | -2] I'm really looking forward to this promotion

[+24 | -1] BabDding combination, I like it!

[+26 | -2] So cute and pretty❤❤ I'll be waiting for the expected repackaged album! I love you❤❤

[+22 | -1] Lovelyz have learned to love

[+18 | -0] Myungeun seriously gets prettier as time goes by....

[+18 | -1] Lovelyz, I love you~

[+16 | -0] I'll always support BabSol and JIN who stopped me from leaving the fandom^^

[+16 | -0] Why is Soul-ie so cute like this? She looks like she will follow me if I offer her candy. She gradually gets younger

[+16 | -1] I'm really looking forward to this song too~^^



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