Apr 21, 2017

Netizens React To: Lovelyz's "Right Now, Us" Prologue Film

[+222 | -14] Lee Jungyeop what are you..

[+193 | -20] From the prologue film, I'm really looking forward to it. Lovelyz, fighting!!! I love you❤❤❤❤

[+192 | -19] What I want is for them to be healthy and happy... Let's be healthy and happy, Lovelyz

[+163 | -13] Kyaha

[+128 | -25] Malicious comment writers out

[+119 | -7] Only Kei and Jisoo's lips came out and the end is BabSol. Smells like an easter egg....

[+94 | -13] I hope all the members find strength and especially Jisoo, I hope her ankle doesn't hurt.....!

[+88 | -6] I'll always believe in and support Lovelyz. The dreamlike atmosphere with delicate sound, of course I will anticipate this. Fighting

[+82 | -14] I'm a secret fan. I really want to see them win 1st place. I don't have the capacity (to be an open fan) so I just browse (about Lovelyz) and I hope and hope that Lovelyz will be #1 on music sites and #1 on music shows ㅜㅜ Lovelyz skills are good and all of them are kind and pretty so I hope they'll definitely do well with the new song ㅎㅎㅎ

[+81 | -4] I'm really anticipating~

[+39 | -0] Lovelyz daebak!!!~~~

[+35 | -0] Right now, our Lovelyz, fighting!

[+33 | -0] Lovelyz, I love you!!!!

[+30 | -0] I'll be waiting for this song too!! Lovelyz, fighting

[+30 | -0] A quick comeback~



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