Dec 30, 2016

[INTERVIEW] JIN for Sports World

[Interview] Lovelyz's JIN, "The start of a new trilogy, it seems like we've grown and I'm proud"

JIN of the girlgroup Lovelyz looked back at 2016.

"While preparing for the 2nd mini album promotion and while promoting, we were able to showcase a higher growth of Lovelyz. It was a really proud year," Lovelyz's JIN began in a recent interview with Sports World. "Among them, the most memorable one is when we were filming our music video. For the revolving earth metaphor, they continuously spun around while filming the members. I remember being really dizzy," she said, evoking laughter.

For her 2017 promotional resolutions, she revealed, "In 2017, I will visit you with an image of me hard at singing," and to fans she said, "Thank you! And I love you," displaying her affection.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz will hold their first concert, "Lovelyz in Winterland", on January 13th-15th, slated to open a wide door for their new year activities.


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