Dec 29, 2016

[INTERVIEW] Kei for Sports World

Kei of the girlgroup Lovelyz looked back at 2016.

"When I look back at the last year, a lot of memories popped into my head. One of the most unforgettable moments was the JTBC vocalist contest program 'Girl Spirit'," Lovelyz's Kei revealed in a recent interview with Sports World, and said, "As I built a stage on my own and not with Lovelyz, I learned so many things. I was happy to meet good people and make friends too." Kei also added, "Lovelyz has celebrated our 2nd anniversary, and I'll remember this year as very happy year. I anticipate Lovelyz's activities in the new year. It's the moment that I look forward to."

Kei said, "In 2017, I want Lovelyz's charms to be more known. Also, I want us to be a group that receives more love," hinting at her wish. "Just like the team name, I want us to give all our love. Lovelinus, I love you," she added, displaying her affection towards her fans.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz will hold their first concert, "Lovelyz in Winterland", on January 13th-15th, slated to open a wide door for their new year activities.


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