Dec 26, 2016

The 2nd Anniversary Volunteer Works: Through the Eyes of the Animal Shelter Staff

(T/N: This was posted on the Naver Cafe of the animal shelter that Lovelyz and Lovelinus volunteered at for the 2nd anniversary. You can read the post on Geulyz about their volunteer works here)

It's the girl group Lovelyz
To celebrate their 2nd anniversary, they have come to help build new homes for My Love Baduk

It's the girl group Lovelyz picking up misplaced rocks at the construction site for My Love Baduk's new homes

When they came they didn't show that they were celebrities and they worked hard

It's the girl group Lovelyz

Shoveling, they worked hard and were a lot of help

Her eye was hurting too... She really worked hard. They came here to see the animals and build new homes for My Love Baduk

Thank you for choosing My Love Baduk among many animal shelters out there and coming to help

We support Lovelyz
They also did heavy tasks without hesitation

Thanks to Lovelyz, we did the best volunteer works together

Their faces are pretty too..My Love Baduk are very thankful to Lovelyz
The strenuous and delayed construction had went along

It's the girl group Lovelyz

Lovelyz's team sponsored many Natural Balance dog food, and to support My Love Baduk, their fans collected 1.3 million won as a donation to My Love Baduk

After the volunteer work was done and they all went home, someone contacted My Love Baduk the next day
The fans' reactions were really good
They had chosen to do volunteer works at My Love Baduk in the second week of (every) the month
They told us that they would sponsor us consistently

The rare, largest number of volunteers have come together. They have over 50,000 fans.
Lovelyz's 170 fans were present at the unfinished construction site for the new homes

Lovelyz are personally handing out lunch for the fans who are volunteering

Lovelyz's fans came from far away.
From Jeju-do, Jeolla-do, Gyeongsang-do, everywhere, to volunteer to build new homes for My Love Baduk
Thank you very, very much

Girl group Lovelyz and 170 fans attended

My Love Baduk's representative dogs, Momo and Jjangah came to the site for the new homes

We divided the work
Because everyone worked hard, the work went along in no time

There was a lot of work did
It was a warm and worthwile day
Because it's the space for the animals to live in, it looks like they have come with this kind of fortune
There were a lot of volunteers who came from the Nusan Junction so they walked to the site

You can see Goldpang-nim(?) beaming with delight behind Lovelyz

Lovelyz, you've done a great job. Thank you.
We thank you more for volunteering with your fans.
Next month we'd like to greet you and thank you.
My Love Baduk will cheer on Lovelyz.

Lovelyz's fans, thank you.

[My Love Baduk's Naver Cafe] Girl group Lovelyz, along with 170 fans

1. Whoa~~ I like Lovelyz's songs so much!! They're really a pretty group!!

2. I thank all of youㅜㅜ I'll have to listen to Lovelyz's songs a lot

3. Lovelyz and their fans, thank you so much^^ You were a lot of help!!!^^

4. I didn't know Lovelyz did a good thing like this ^^ I have a really good impression of them

5. They're a group with really pretty hearts. Thank you very much.. Everyone, ah-choo~ Be careful of sneeze (cold) ^^

6. Thank you so much ~I wish Lovelyz all the best~


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