Dec 26, 2016

[INTERVIEW] Model Line for ADDY K (+ new Q&A)

Four lovely girls as if they came out of a fairy tale. We spent an afternoon with Lovelyz's Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, and Yein.


Is there a secret for keeping the idol representative status?

One pack of face mask a day. No matter how tired I am, I have to do it. After I peel off the mask, I put on moisturizer generously. My face is dry so I focus the most on moisturizing. Speaking of that, I'm thankful when people say that I look like a baby or that I'm cute, but now I want to hear that I look feminine. I've said it to my fans too. I'm turning 'half-fifty' soon.

You're taking a break after the Destiny promotion. What are your interests lately?

Dieting. I really hate working out so I diet by dancing. Lovelyz's dances look light and flow-y but they use more physical energy than I thought. So when I take a break from promoting, I gain weight.


If there is a life bucket list?

Cooking. Later after I settle down and have a family, I want to cook my friends healthy and delicious food. And I want to play guitar. I like the band Zannabi, their energy on stage is really amazing. Me too, not only do I dance and sing, I write my stories into personal songs too so I want to be able to play them on guitar. I wish I could have more ways to express myself.

When you're stressed, do you have your own solution?

I wander around. I walk on unfamiliar streets while listening to music until I find a subway station. All the while thinking when this song comes out how should I sing this song, how should we make the music video.


It seems that your style is cool and easy-going.

I like 'dressed up but not really dressed up, simple but has a point'-kind of style. My daily look concept is distinctive. When I go casual, I don't do it casually. When I dress up, I be sure to dress up. The most important thing is my base makeup on that day. For the base, I wholeheartedly choose a good lip color and I match my outer garment with that color. Whenever I feel like the base is wrong, I just put on lip balm, wear a padding, and go out.

Out of all the makeup items, which type do you have the most?

I think it's lip products and eyeshadow. Regardless of if they're of similar colors, I buy it based on which matches with the stuff that I own and whenever I want something different. There are some cases where I regretted my purchase but most of the time I'll still use them in some way. I also draw my eye line with eyeshadow. For standard things, I tend to only keep the ones I use.


It's your longest break since your debut. Other than preparing for promotion, how do you spend your break?

I cook at home and I'm taking flying yoga classes. You have to hold on to most of your physical strength to keep your whole body strength. As I gradually get used to it, I experienced the feeling of ease when I dangle from the hammock. I went with Soul-unnie. I actually lost weight and we changed to PT training and unnie is doing it more.

How do you feel about turning 20 soon?

I made my debut on my first year of high school but I can't believe it's been 3 years already. People say that when you're 20, time goes by quickly. If that's true, I'm worried about how to preciously spend the time that is not coming back.

Source: ADDY K

(+ New Q&A)


What kind of makeup are you most interested in?

Originally, I was really interested in lip products that I was called "Lips Enthusiast", but recently, I care for my eyes. They look dopey and mismatched. For a time, when I came down from the stage, instead of asking, "Was my singing or dancing okay?" I asked around whether my eyes were open. I've been studying on ways to cover it. I apply thicker shade than the other members or I glue two on the front of my eyelashes.

Do you have any cosmetics that you particularly collect?

I mainly collect lip or nail products. Last night, Soul-unnie was going to change clothes but I sat her down and did her nail art.

Do you gain weight easily?

From when I was a trainee until debut, I lost a total of 10 kg. At that time, even if I ate a little, I would go out and come back in to jump ropes 3,000 times. I gain weight easier on my lower body than my upper body. My face loses fat first. There is no not gaining weight, there is no not losing weight. I can attest to it.

It's Lovelyz's first solo concert soon. What stages are you preparing?

You'll be able to hear vivid live version of all the songs that we have promoted. We will sing the full version of the songs that we've shown partially on music shows, we've put choreography into songs that didn't have dance in it. Apart from that, we're going to show a few secret stages as well.


I heard that you know a lot about makeup.

I've been greatly interested in makeup since I was little. What is the price of which brand, how is the performance of it, I think I know the standard of young adults. I also enjoyed trying to do my own makeup.

What are you interested in lately in terms of makeup?

I changed my eye makeup. Before, I used to fill the outer back part of my eyes with reddish brown. Not long ago, cream beige or brown beige tone looked pretty. It's dry in winter, so I use mask packs diligently. I'm also concerned about getting rid of cellulite. I heard banana and broccoli are good to eliminate cellulite.

I also heard that you began doing EMS Training?

Even doing one squat is very hard. My muscles ache more than regular PT. The more my muscles ache, the harder I'll exercise, and that makes me feel proud that I'm doing it consistently for over a month.


How do you spend your day off?

Listening to music and reading a book at a café. I want to sit by the window and watch people come and go in the streets while thinking, "So I'm not the only one who's having it tough." and "Everyone must've had their own reasons to be having a hard time." When I'm having my quiet alone time, I choose what I want to do, so I think it wouldn't be hard.

What kind of singer do you want to be in the future?

I want to show a marvelous performance on stage. I enjoy putting on a song and freestyling to it. If a good song comes on while I'm dancing alone, I create a dance for it too. When I don't use it, I forget about it too, but I record it on video and I monitor myself while thinking, "I have this kind of aura when I dance." and "It looks different in video." I want to steadily learn modern dance, urban dance, and salsa.

What do you want to achieve in 2017?

Not long ago, while I was talking with my mom, I promised to her that I would give her all of my earnings for the next year. I want to keep my promise first even if that means I'll have to use my pocket money. Display of affection with my parents is only when we explode with emotions sometimes, but even when we live apart, I always think of my parents.


Have you found a makeup style that suits you?

While I often get makeup done for me, it seems like I may have improved by myself. I used to like pure and clear makeup but lately I like applying shade. For my eyes, first I use coral, shade it with brown eyeshadow, then raise my eyelashes with mascara. In the case of the base, I've found a color mix that can cover my slightly yellowish skin tone.

Do you have any concern for skincare?

I use cleansing, cleansing cream and oil. It erases lip and eye makeup but because it's cream, it's less burdensome and softer on the skin. Next, rise with lukewarm water, and do cleansing once more with foam and cold water. Don't use cotton, and try your best to have it beyond reach.

You drink only water diligently.

I unconditionally drink at least 1 liter of water every day. The first time that I cared about drinking water was to manage my throat. However,  while drinking water consistently, I realized that as time goes by, my skin gets better. I recommend that you carry a small water bottle to drink from when you're losing energy and when you're using makeup with creamy texture. I have a bottle of water in my hand so I naturally drink often.

Source: LeeStar


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