Feb 22, 2017

Netizens React To: 'R U Ready?' Tracklist

[Herald Pop, via Naver Entertainment] Lovelyz, 2nd full album tracklist revealed "Album release 27th→26th"

[+148 | -13] WOW will hit daebak. Lovelyz, I love you~♡♡♡

[+142 | -13] Our Lovedungies! Fighting for this full album too!

[+139 | -12] I'm going to really anticipate Lovelyz's music

[+137 | -13] Lovelyz's songs are really good! Looking at the tracklist, there's a lot of composers and lyricists that I like, so I'm anticipating it too now. I'll support you forever. Fighting for this album too!!!

[+134 | -13] I wonder what kind of title track it will be and I'm also curious of the other songs so I look forward to them. Fighting for this album!!

[+55 | -8] I'm really anticipating this album

[+51 | -9] WoW! Let's hit daebak, Lovelyz!

[+49 | -8] Lyrics by Kim Eana, composed by ONEPIECE whose songs I trust in...I'm really expecting quality

[+48 | -8] The concept got cuter

[+47 | -9] Lovelyz, I'm really looking forward to this album~! From the tracklist, I'm expecting it very much~!!

[+64 | -4] I'll be waiting for Lovesunie's comeback on the 26th~♡

[+59 | -3] It's luxurious. I wonder how it feels to have the combination of Jeon Gandi and Kim Eana? I'm looking forward to the other songs too

[+55 | -3] I've been waiting for this album for a long time. I'll always be supporting you. Lovelyz, fighting!!

[+48 | -3] They're releasing their song at 10 PM because of the music chart reform

[+48 | -3] I really like Yoonsang's synth pop but he participated in fewer songs than I thoughtㅠㅠ



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