Feb 16, 2017

Reactions to Lovelyz's Teasers on Pann

Lovelyz ㅠㅠㅠ They're finally coming back ㅠ Seriously, I love it so much. The concept this time is refreshing. I hope they will become really popular this time

[+32 | -1] I'm an Inspirit but I really hope Lovelyz will do well. I'll be supporting you

[+27 | -2] Oh, I'm a fan of other group but I really like Bookmark and Hi~. . . Because this is a full album, I'm anticipating it more. Seriously, their songs are good. I hope they'll be more popular

[+25 | -2] The teaser photo

∟ It kind of has a Red Velvet vibe to it! Will they be coming back with an aura that is a bit.. comical..? than girly?♡
∟ Oh my gosh. Goodness, it's really nice ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[+12 | -4] They only released one teaser photo yesterday but they achieved the top 10 of most searched on Naver!!!! I'm really looking forward to this album. Let's hit big!!!

[+8 | -2] Let's really be successful this time!!! Let's win #1 so you'll get your phones!!!!

[+6 | -0] Ha, I'm a fan of other group but my heart is going pit-a-pat...Since their debut, I've been watching their MVs and listening to all their songs. Their MVs are really my style..Their songs are all nice tooㅜㅜㅜOut of all their songs, I like Hi~, Goodnight Like Yesterday, Bookmark and CJL

[+5 | -0] I was looking at the best comments and the teaser photo uploaded onto Woollim's official twitter and it was not the pure, innocent girl feel that they've solidified since their debut so I was a bit surprised. It looks like a new attempt and I look forward to it more than I usually would. I hope they'll rise a lot this time!!

[+5 | -0] When Destiny(My Earth) first came out, there were a lot of people going, "?? Lovelyz with this kind of song?"... I'm sure there will be more surprised reactions like that during this comeback. The only difference is that with Destiny, people were like "Lovelyz with this kind of 'dark' song?". With this comeback, if the title song abandons the lyrical feel, I think they would be like "This kind of bright song??".

[+5 | -1] Their members are all seriously pretty and their songs are good, but their timing is always a miss or they release songs that not many people dig...I hope they'll come out with a hook song this timeㅠ

[+4 | -1] Lovelyz's songs are all good. Anticipating, anticipating

What's this, I feel like the lovely Lovelyz that I knew had disappeared
(But it's not that they're not lovely!)
The color is bright and kind of funky? Anyway, I usually have good feeling towards them, so I wish them all the best for their comeback this time
I'll forever cheer on Lovelyz!

[+65 | -16] Jisoo is so pretty, isn't she?

[+44 | -2] Thank you for taking an interest❤ I hope your singer will hit daebak too this year!

[+38 | -4] 4

[+20 | -5] Jisoo is freaking pretty

[+20 | -3] But I don't know if they'll do well because they overlap with BTS and TwiceㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠI'm a fan of Lovelyz since their debut so I'm really worried. But I hope they can win #1 this time

[+16 | -1] Thank you, OP ♡

[+15 | -2] But Jung Yein is the prettiest? From the first time I saw them my eyes went to Jung Yein. She has monolids but she has the class of a pretty person..

[+12 | -3] Seo Jisoo is so pretty....I'm a fan of other group but I only look at Seo Jisoo

[+12 | -1] Lee Mijoo is seriously really pretty

[+10 | -1] Change the person in charge of Woollim's photoshop...What is that...Why did they turn pretty kids into comb-pattern pottery??Lovelinus are not fans of comb-pattern pottery....


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