Feb 11, 2017

[INTERVIEW] Jisoo's Birthday, "It's the time to know myself as how others see me"

From the girl group Lovelyz (Baby Soul‧Yoo Jiae‧Seo Jisoo‧Lee Mijoo‧Kei‧JIN‧Ryu Sujeong‧Jung Yein), that has formed a strong fandom with their refreshing and unique charm, the sexy 'Fennec Fox' main dancer, Seo Jisoo, is celebrating her birthday on the 11th. She was born on February 11th, 1994.

Seo Jisoo, who wants to watch a movie and eat but has to spend her birthday in the practice room practicing for Lovelyz's comeback. Nevertheless, Seo Jisoo expressed that, "I'm so happy that we're coming back on my birth month and we can see our fans," and told an episode from her birthday to <Focus News>.

- Q. [What do you see yourself doing on your birthday?]
▲ “I think I'll be practicing for the comeback. Personally, I want to go see a movie that I want to see, go eat with my members and communicate with my beloved Lovelinus whom I haven't seen for awhile~!”

- Q. [What is your impression of celebrating your birthday?]
▲ “I actually still have qualities of a young person so I can't believe that I'm already 24 years old. And because the comeback is in my birth month, I can see the fans again and I'm really happy. So I think I'm really happy on this birthday!”

- Q. [What does birthday mean to you?]
▲ “I think it's the time to know myself as how other people see me. When I see the birthday wishes and the presents that people sent me, I gradually see the image that I approach them with. So I'm surprised sometimes. I get to know the me that I've forgotten about, and I get to know the me that I didn't know about.”

- Q. [What do you think about getting older?]
▲ “I think getting older is a process of becoming more experienced and mature. For example, when I look at something, if I can only see one side of the old days, I think I can predict the part where the present me doesn't see. As years go by, I can feel myself growing and there's a lot of times where I'm amazed of myself.”

- Q. [What age do you most anticipate?]
▲ “Rather than an age that I most anticipate, I look forward to every year! I'm curious about what kind of new things I will challenge and what will I learn from that.”

- Q. [What was your precognitive dream?]
▲ “Three shiny, golden, pretty carps swimming in what looked to be like a clear pond.”

- Q. [What is your most memorable birthday?]
▲ “My birthday in 2015. I received many pretty presents and a message book from fans. Particularly, they wrote letters of support for me and put them in the message book. I saw the book in the practice room and I cried a lot. Could I receive this? Could I feel this happiness? So I always carry it in my bag. Because I read it so many times, I worn out the book. That really becomes my biggest strength.”

- Q. [If you had to pick the most special present?]
▲ “It's not something physical, but I think when I hear things like 'Fans are encouraged by Lovelyz's Seo Jisoo' or 'Jisoo-unnie is my life's role model', etc. those are really my biggest present. I want to be someone who can give strength and happiness to someone else. When I hear these words, I'm so happy and I feel like I'm flying. It also becomes an opportunity to settle the lacking me. Thank you very much!”

- Q. [What do you want as a present in the future?]
▲ “To please look and love me for a long time. That's enough for me.”

- Q. [If you were given a holiday for your birthday, what do you want to do?]
▲ “I'm rewriting my bucket list. In my bucket list, there's something I definitely want to do. I want to go to 'Universal Studio' overseas! I really like collecting goods from the movies so I definitely want to go. Also, a drive-in theater. I want to drive with my family or my members and watch a movie in a scenic place. I think it'd be nicer with sweet popcorn! Of course, getting a driver's license would have to be first~Haha.”

- Q. [Is there any star that you want to receive a birthday wish from?]
▲ “I want to receive birthday wishes from heroes! I recently watched 'Captain America: Civil War' and 'Deadpool' and I really enjoyed them! I really like watching movies and I like characters with confidence and wit like Deadpool and Iron Man. So if those two wish me a happy birthday, I would be really happy!”

- Q. [If you could imagine your birthday in 10 years?]
▲ “I probably wouldn't be married? Maybe I'll be spending it with the person I love or enjoying hobbies together!”

- Q. [Is there someone whom you'd like to thank on your birthday?]
▲ “Thank you to everyone who writes me cheering messages and loves me. That comfort and love really works well for me. Especially to Lovelinus, there's no word that can express it. Because everyone is the driving force for me to keep living. Let's be together in the future! Thank you very much!”

- Q. [Please say a word to you who's having a birthday.]
▲ “Jisoo-ya! You've worked hard running until here! You have a lot of things to do in the future, but cheer up, chin up! Don't be afraid, let's do it with confidence and positivity! Happy birthday! I love you!”


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