Feb 17, 2017

"A Musical Breakthrough"

[TEN Focus] Lovelyz, girl group comeback war...A breakthrough with their 'music'

Lovelyz's comeback is coming up. They are determined to take part in the continuous 'Girl group war' with their own 'Lovelyz' music that has been improved for the past 10 months.

Lovelyz will be coming back to fans' sides with their second full album 'R U Ready?' this upcoming 27th. It's a comeback after 10 months since their mini album release, 'A New Trilogy', last April. They especially attract attention with a full album comeback rather than a digital single or a mini album. This means that they have confidence in their music.

Lovelyz, who will release a full album after about 2 years and 3 months since their debut album in November 2014, 'Girls' Invasion', have released popular music such as 'Candy Jelly Love', 'For You', 'Hi~', 'Ah-Choo', 'Destiny', etc. and established their fandom. Particularly, 'Ah-Choo' stayed in the music chart for 10 months since its release and was used as the theme song for the Hyun Woo·Lee Se Young couple in KBS2's 'The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop'. They constantly received love.

Lovelyz have concluded their first concert, 'Lovelyz in Winterland', on January 13th to 15th. At this concert, Lovelyz not only showed complete group stages but also stages with units of 2 people, proofing that they could show a variety of colors other than innocent and girly. A stage of their new song 'First Snow', to be included in the new album, showed a more mature Lovelyz musically.  This is the first album to be released after their first concert, so it's no wonder that there is much interest in this full album.

Most of all, Yoonsang's song-writing team ONEPIECE, who has been with Lovelyz since their debut, is handling the album producing this time as well, attracting attention. The selected titled track for this album was, as expected, a song by Yoonsang. Woollim Entertainment rep previously introduced, "This album is expected to be more mature than their previous ones and present a strong feeling." Anticipation raised over how ONEPIECE, who perfected Lovelyz's lovely and fresh soul, will express their mature beauty.

A rep of Woollim Entertainment hinted, "Lovelyz and staff are all working hard in creating the best results to satisfy fans who have been waiting for so long. We will show you a different Lovelyz."


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